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 We specialize among other things in bulk cargo, air freighted cargo and container handling. We have successfully handled, cleared and transported heavy duty cargos. We work directly with airlines, shipping lines and with government agencies to obtain documents we need to clear your cargo, such as Airway bill, Bill of Lading. We also take care of all customs documentation, clearance and delivery of goods, and all other allied services. We help our clients achieve smooth clearing and delivery from door to door.


We are reputed for clearing/delivery of consignment such as: personal effects, general goods, industrial goods, oil and gas equipment, cars etc ... with no records of any loss or damage. The department is manned by seasoned professionals who knows their onions and are familiar with the import and export procedures, customs and excise legal requirements, the tariff, documentations and customs clearing process.

Our dedicated clearing teams are specialists in various aspects of the job and have good rapport/relationship with various government agencies such as NAFDAC, SON, NDLEA, Customs, and NPA etc. We also offer advisory services to our clients (if required) by preparing Form M, computation of import duties etc. We follow up at every stage to ensure safe and speedy delivery that saves both time and money

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